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Health Rosetta Webinar: Ohio Community-Owned Health Plan (COHP)
Nov 10 @ 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern

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Health Rosetta Employer Webinar Intro

Employer Intro to the Health Rosetta

Hosted by Sean Schantzen, Health Rosetta’s co-founder

Palmer Johnson Power Systems

Featuring: Tara Conger

Enovation Controls

Featuring: Justin Bray and Jim Millaway

Rosen Hotels & Resorts

Featuring: Ashley Bacot & Kenneth Aldridge

Pacific Steel & Recycling

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Great Lakes Auto Network

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The Montana Experience

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Gasparilla Inn

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Pipe Trades Services MN

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Keystone Technologies

Featuring: Sarah Humes, John Knoesel, & Adam Berkowitz

Health Rosetta 7 Employee Plan

Featuring: Melissa Taylor & Tom DiLiegro

R.E. West Transportation

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Bennett School District

Featuring: Keith Yaich and Bryan Perry

Dann Marine Towing

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Featuring: Aaron Feinberg and David Contorno

Kenny Pipe & Supply

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Matheny Motors

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Calculated Risk Motorcycle Group

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Horizon Goodwill

Featuring: Mekayla Plotner and Ben Bohonowicz

Woodard Cleaning & Restoration

Featuring: Lori Waggoner and Adam Berkowitz

Community-Owned Health Plan (COHP): Ashtabula Area City Schools

Featuring: Bryce Heinbaugh, Dr. Mark Potts, and Ashtabula Schools executive members

Community-Owned Health Plan (COHP): Horizon Goodwill

Featuring: Ben Bohonowicz, Brooke Grossman, and Mekayla Plotner

Community-Owned Health Plan (COHP): Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc.

Featuring: Tina Wilt, Roger Zimmerman, and Dale Gehman

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