Sharing the Quizzify Corporate Health Literacy Quiz

Al Lewis and Mark Dellecave from Quzzify have shared The Corporate Health Literacy video and quiz to pass along to you all. The goal of this is to be used as a catalyst to motivate change through a short and entertaining presentation. The link can be sent as a follow-up email or as an intro with some shock value.

Many senior executives will be surprised by some of the material; the reality of the disconnect between cost and quality in healthcare, the tremendous amounts of medical waste in the form of unnecessary medical procedures and the unrealistic perception that the FDA approves drugs that usually work.

After watching the video and playing the quiz, a Benefits Executive could be more open to Health Rosetta solutions and see the value of health literacy education.

If you would like to embed the video and quiz in your own website (with their own call-to-action), you can contact mark@quizzify.com. No charge to use this material, Quizzify sees this as an opportunity to show the value of health literacy by starting with health illiteracy at the executive level.

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