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PR Assistance for Increasing Reach of Case Studies

Health Rosetta is working with Pinkston, a DC-based PR agency, to gain media coverage and share the success stories of certified advisors nationwide. Getting national, local, and trade coverage for your clients not only helps to spread the Health Rosetta message far and wide, but once people hear how you’re using the silver bullet solution to better benefits – and saving significant amounts of money in the process – they may be interested in connecting with you further. As part of our training program, you will have full access to this benefit at no cost! 

If you’ve helped a client obtain incredible results in cost savings or quality of care while utilizing Health Rosetta principles, we want to hear from you. We will not be reaching out to your clients. We simply want to gather stories and proof points that can generate opportunities to promote your work. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Reach out to us ( and let us know you have a success story to share.
  2. We will connect you with the Pinkston team for a quick, 30-minute call. 
  3. Pinkston will share all language with you and your client for signoff.
  4. That’s it! Pinkston will pitch far and wide and keep you posted of any interviews. 
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