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Measure Your Best Plan

How does one of your health plans stack up? As we normalize smart benefits plans we’d like you to submit your most Health Rosetta-aligned plan to our Plan Grader. The Plan Grader will be used as an initial assessment tool to first, identify where you are in plan building, and secondly, to support a gap analysis that sets the stage for deeper analysis and optimization of clients’ plans later on. Grading plans and reviewing the results with clients creates opportunities for strategic discussions about where the best opportunities are to improve their results.

Please complete the Plan Grader form below for your chosen plan. If you’re not comfortable sharing the name of the company, feel free to include a generic descriptor of the type of company.

As you fill this form out, there may be questions you don’t know the answer to or are unsure. “No” should be your answer for these (or leave a box unchecked). This process is designed to establish a baseline and you can always return and complete the information again. Even the best plans have areas that need work and/or a benefit hasn’t be well communicated. If you have questions, please email

NOTE: At the end of the form, click the orange Submit button and then the blue Mark Complete button. Once you have marked this item Complete, the Mark Complete button will no longer be visible.

Plan Grader 04/17/20

NOTE: You must use the orange Submit button above before marking this lesson complete or your responses will not be saved.

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